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Hard Landscaping / Hardscape Design

Hard Landscaping Services cover anything within your garden that would require material construction ex: Paving, Brickwork, Fencing etc ...

Hard Landscaping plays an important part in how you use your outdoor space. It is able to provide both functional and decorative features that will remain a part of your landscape for many years to come.

Through the clever use of different materials, shapes and levels, a landscape architect, belonging to the successful Ohio landscapers, will manage the Hardscapes project for free up space within your garden, allowing you to use your space for relaxing and recreation. 


Hard Landscaping work can include :  Paving,  Brickwork,  Fencing,  Rockeries, Engraving


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Soft Landscaping / Garden Landscaping


Soft landscaping is a term used to describe anything within your outdoor space that is living. We can improve your garden by utilizing a wide range of trees, shrubs & plants:

Trees & Shrubs
Herbaceous Perennials
Aquatic & Semi Aquatic Plants

Soft Landscaping work can include:

Water Features
Whatever your requirements are, our landscaping Cleveland Ohio team is able to help transform your garden into a spectacular show of decorative plants, including trees, shrubs & herbaceous perennials etc.